FLSmidth MAAG Gear S.p.A.
MAAG Gear products are known for their precision, accuracy, and durability. FLSmidth’s MAAG Gear brand is a global leader in high-quality heavy-duty gear units, drive systems, and geared components for the cement, minerals, and other industries. They know how to keep your operations running well because they have over a century of experience developing and manufacturing gear. MAAG Gear units are distinguished by their consistent performance, high precision, and dependability.
MAAG gear units are also simple to transport, install, operate, and maintain thanks to modular solutions and a compact design. FLSmidth has sold over 6000 MAAG gear units and 1000 girth gears since introducing planetary gear units to the cement industry with great success in 1966. MAAG’s product line includes heavy-duty gear units for all types of mills and kilns, as well as gear solutions for bucket-wheel excavators and belt conveyors, among other heavy-duty applications. They also make bevel sets and girth up to 11.2m in diameter, as well as a variety of spare parts.

Gleason Corporation
Gleason Agilus 180TH – Combined Machine – Turning, Hobbing, Chamfering, and Deburring The Agilus 180TH offers cutting-edge technology and machining processes for all types of cylindrical gears that can be produced by hobbling. Turning, drilling, and milling operations, as well as hobbling and subsequent generating chamfering and deburring, may all be done in the same setting thanks to the tool turret for locating fixed or driven tools. The machine’s CNC-controlled tailstock clamps a variety of workpieces with support on both sides for optimal rigidity during cutting.

SMS group GmbH
SMS Group’s drive engineering. SMS group GmbH specializes in heavy machinery. SMS group gears are capable of operating under high loads, low oscillation, and 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, this is only possible because the SMS group achieves precise dimensions, shaping, and positioning. Simultaneously, all of their gear parts have a high surface quality, particularly on the toothing. To meet the stringent standards of these specific items, they constructed a separate production area in Hilchenbach. It has a 4000m2 floor area and comprises entire teeth milling and grinding facilities, as well as quality assurance and assembly zones. A standalone measuring machine inspects the gearing and can handle gearwheels weighing up to 40 tons and having diameters of up to 5500mm.

In the video below, you can see the world’s largest gear manufacturing process – CNC Machines.
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