A Little Girl Rescues A Homeless Cat With Terrible Disfigured Face That Nobody Even Wanted To Help

A homeless cat with a horrific, remarkable damaged face has been spending a hard life in Istanbul, Turkey, scavenging for food in litter bins.

Everyone who saw her just kept walking. Because of her unappealing appearance, they quickly dismissed her.

A seven-year-old girl spotted the ill and fragile animal and felt differently from the other people who had disregarded her. She looked past her deformed face and realized she needed to do something to help her.

She carried the sick cat home to her father and asked him for assistance. The unfortunate cat was extremely skinny, had a lost ear, could hardly open her right eye, and was infested with mites.

The little girl and her father carried the cat to the vet, where they would nurse her back to health. They treated her with specialized medicine and operated to correct some of her facial defects.

The cat’s name is Gulumser, which means “she who constantly grins.”

The cat is currently doing well and has become close to the little girl who saved her life.

This anecdote exemplifies why you should never judge a book by its cover.

For rescue organizations that save the lives of thousands of pets each year;

supplying basic essentials for dogs and cats, such as food and medical treatment, may be costly: sometimes leaving little funding for non-essential products.

Source: https://harima.info/a-little-girl-rescues-a-homeless-cat-with-terrible-disfigured-face-that-nobody-even-wanted-to-help/
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