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Heavy Recovery Sinking Komatsu excavator PC130 with PC200

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Komatsu excavators are specially designed for heavy duty applications. With a powerful engine, sturdy boom and bucket design, bearing iron material ensures workability and productivity in all cases. Along with compact structure and superior features, the company’s machine can be widely applied such as: bridge construction, road construction, construction work in residential areas. The machine has many working modes with different engine speed and hydraulic system pressure to meet different conditions. In the fuel-saving mode, the machine still works effectively, in the heavy-duty mode, the machine can operate with the largest capacity, helping the digging and lifting force of the machine can be increased many times.

Komatsu PC130-6 excavator with a moderate bucket capacity, specifically 0.47m3, should be used for digging foundations, tunneling… With the largest digging radius of up to 8.7m, the excavator is easy to construct. easily and effectively.
Komatsu PC130-6 excavator is a cylinder with extremely high efficiency, oil consumption rate is 70% but the rotation capacity is 30% higher than other cheap excavators.

Komatsu PC200

Komatsu PC 200 crawler excavator, mainly used for ground leveling, foundation excavation, canal dredging, irrigation system, Road construction, tarpaulin, replacing human labor to accelerate progress the level and quality of the works, especially with the large projects that promote the development of the time the country is industrialization and modernization.

Heavy Recovery Komatsu PC130 Excavator with PC200 During normal operation in a small area between a river and incoming rain, the operator could not get the machine to higher ground because the machine suddenly broke. suddenly had a problem and was abandoned in the middle of a small island … The more the night fell, the heavier the rain, the soil was eroded by water inch by inch, eventually rolling and collapsing.