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6 days of bushy winter – artist charcoal – sawing muli saplings – single cloth poncho canopy

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Bushcraft trip for 6 days. Starts with winter and ends with mosquito bites on the last day. From winter to summer basically. Arrived a bit late and had to make a quick meal on the spot as I was starving. However, the steak was great. Didn’t record much shelter in the end because I though raising a shelter 4 times is a bit much for the camera. And need to save battery to be able to capture the footage until the end of the trip. This trip was amazing but very tiring. Hiking like this in conditions like this when it’s still pretty wet… I’ll be sleeping for a week now. Thanks for watching!

Bushcraft is a skill set. It is not mandatory as a jungler to go naked into the jungle and try to survive. To do that every week is a fantasy. The way I see it, bushplane skills make hiking and camping more efficient, lighter and more enjoyable…and don’t forget FUN!.