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Fendt forage Harvesting technology in Action – Amazing agriculture machine

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The new Katana 650 forage harvesters from German manufacturer Fendt, which were shown at Agritechnia 2019 and feature an engine with 25 PS greater power, have begun manufacturing. As scheduled, this month saw the start of production of the new generation of Fendt Katana 650 at the AGCO/Fendt facility in Hohenmolsen, Gᴇʀᴍᴀɴʏ.

The new model series of Katana 650 from Fendt, a global brand of AGCO, is outfitted with new technical features, such as new roller conditioner R- and RS-roller crackers. Due to its large processing area, rasterized by its saw-tooth profile and additional V-spiral groove, the R-Cracker is said to not give any grain a chance.

Fendt added that new crackers had been added to the Katana 650 to increase its ability to split to up to 30mm for the best results. At longer cut lengths, the incorporated V-Spiral groove defibers the crop even better, improving the quality of the harvested material.

Farmer needs can be satisfied by the Fendt Katana 650 in a number of ways, including dairy and biogas. The harvester can now satisfy all of the demands of customers, including dairy cattle or biogas producers, thanks to the new RS roller cracker. The company also stated that only the two solutions can be used for a variety of purposes.

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