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The Largest RoRo Ship In The Globe

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The Mark V Class consists of four Ro-Ro ships built for Wilhelmsen and its subsidiary Wallenius, a Norwegian shipping firm. These are the largest RoRo vessels of their type now in operation, with a cargo capacity of about 1, 40,000 cubic meters, and were built by the Jᴀᴘᴀɴese marine engineering firm Mitsubishi.

Each of the four vessels was planned and built to provide a sustainable cargo shipment while also protecting the marine environment. The warships’ superior construction engineering is evident in their one-of-a-kind hull design. The sleek hull technology not only improves vessel stability when at sea, but it also saves approximately 5% on annual fuel use.

The first of the Mark V Class vessels, the M/V Tonsberg, was launched in 2011 and named after the province where the Mark V Class The World’s Largest RoRo Vessel firm originally started operations. A Jᴀᴘᴀɴese association of maritime engineers and arcʜɪᴛects honored the vessel ‘Ship of the Year 2011’ in recognition of its engineering excellence.

Each vessel in the Mark V Class is more than 260 meters long, with a breadth of slightly more than 32 meters and a draft of nearly 11 meters. In terms of cargo capacity, Ro-Ro ships have nine cargo decks with a total space of roughly five million cubic feet. Three of the nine decks can be moved and lifted using windlasses, allowing for more easier cargo loading and storage. In terms of the cargo that may be shipped aboard the Mark V Class, in addition to the commonly transported cars and trucks, the increased storage capacity enables for the loading and carriage of heavier vehicular systems such as tractors.

The Mark V Class represents yet another successful notch in the application of Ro-Ro technology, both for Wilhelmsen and for the worldwide marine world. Given the Mark V Ro-Ro ships’ usability, it’s safe to assume that the Norwegian company’s productive relationship with its Jᴀᴘᴀɴese shipbuilding accomplice will continue to develop, producing even better outcomes for the entire shipping industry to marvel at. The Norwegian concern has significantly pushed the Roll-on/Roll-off vessel concept to greater heights through their conceptualization and construction.